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      Logan Stringham - Wednesday 24 November 2021

      The Pay Dirt

      Pay Dirt Steelhead Fly


      If you’re looking for a fly that just flat out works…Look no further. The Pay Dirt is a pattern by RIO and it is one of the most underrated flies that we sell here in the shop. Like most people I catch myself buying and tying flies that are big, heavy and full of contrasting colors. This year I’ve switched it up and done exactly the opposite of what I normally do. Smaller, minimalistic patterns are what you’ll find in my box now.


      By far the most effective pattern this year has been the “Pay Dirt”. Even in the last couple of days I have caught multiple Steelhead on this very pattern. It has a tungsten bead on it which helps it get down into the “fishy” water quickly. I think this is one of the biggest reasons why this pattern is so effective. With a tungsten bead and rabbit, you might be thinking that this fly will get hard to throw once it gets wet. I can tell you that it is no harder to throw than any other pattern with lead eyes. With just a handful of materials this fly is very light and super durable.


      If you’ve been on the Salmon River in the last couple of weeks you know we’ve struggled with clarity and that really narrows down the “effective” fly patterns. This pattern in black with an orange bead has been unrivaled in its ability to attract Steelhead.


      Below You’ll find the material list as well as a video of it being tied.


      Go Fish!





      • Kumoto Salmon/Steelhead Hook K7988 #2


      • 7/32, 5.5mm Plummeting Tungsten Bead- Fluorescent Orange


      • 1/8” Rabbit Strip-Black


      • Ice Dub UV-Black


      • Schlappen Feather-Black




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